Joshmahl Russell

Joshmahl Russell, 21, of Richmond, CA, was fatally shot on Gertrude Avenue, on March 13, 2016.

Joshmahl had a huge amount of potential for his future. He was a member of the RYSE Center’s Rich City Hackers (, part of the Hack the Hood nonprofit that hires and trains low income youth to build websites for real small businesses.

Late in 2015, Russell wrote a number of blogs on the website that showed how much he was learning.

“I’m Joshmahl Russell and I love to dance, write poetry, and play basketball. I’ve been dancing a few years and I enjoy the love I give out and I get back. I’m also into poetry, but it’s only when I take out time to choose to write and when I do, I would much rather know I’m in my zone. Thirdly, I like to play basketball. I love to hoop with my brother and friends. Lastly, my favorite basketball position would be point guard.”
-Joshmahl Blog Post

You can read more of Joshmahl’s blog posts here:

Joshmahl was the third young person to be killed in a two-week period last February and March. Xavier McClanahan, 14, was killed on February 29, 2016 on the Richmond Greenway Trail near Ohio and 33rd St.

Then, on March 10, 2016, William Malik Barnes, 15, was killed near the St. Johns apartments on MacDonald Ave. Both were shooting victims.

Rest in Paradise, Joshmahl.