Nico (Otilio) Martinez – 11 Months

Nico (Otilio) Martinez – 11 Months Have Passed

Today is August 19, 2017. Eleven months ago, on September 19, 2016, Otilio “Nico” Martinez was shot multiple times, and died in front of Zion Hill Church on Bayview Avenue in Richmond, CA.

He was just minutes away from home.

Nico was loved by many friends and family members, and they will never, ever recover from his brutal murder!

Nico had celebrated his 18th birthday last June, and also had graduated from Hercules High School. He was just starting out his life as a young adult, and it was ripped away from him!

How would YOU feel if YOUR child was brutally murdered?

Think about it…put yourself in Nico’s families position for a minute…

Imagine if you NEVER had a chance to tell your child one last time that you you love him…

Imagine seeing your child walk out the door of your home, not knowing that the next time you saw him would be at his FUNERAL…

Imagine how you would feel as a parent, knowing that you couldn’t protect your child against the EVIL that walks on this earth…

Imagine how you would feel if YOUR child was killed by someone right down the street from where you live…

The people that Nico had to leave behind when he died – his family and friends -are going through a living hell…NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!

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