Rosey Pinson’s “Make It Shine” Event

Rosey Pinson had an event on Friday, August 25, 2017 called “Make It Shine”. The event was to honor not only her sister, Pearl Pinson, but to also honor and bring attention to other missing children and teens, and those that have died unexpectedly.

Rosey Pinson

Pearl Pinson went missing over a year ago, on May 25, 2016, at age 15, from the 780 underpass at Lewis and Home Acres in Vallejo, CA. Every month, Rosey, her family and friends gather on the 25th to honor Pearl and bring awareness to Pearl’s situation, and to others that are missing.

Tange Harris & Daryle Allums

Rosey talked about Larissa Oliver, age 15, who went missing on June 9th of this year, and has been missing for over two months. Larissa’s aunt, Tange Harris, also spoke about Larissa’s situation.

The situation of Enrique Rios, age 16, & Elijah Moore, age 17, who are friends that went missing three weeks apart in the fall of 2016, in Esparto, CA and Woodland, CA, was also discussed.

Daryle Allums & Rosey Pinson

Daryle Allums, founder of Adamika Village and Stop Killing Our Kids Movement also spoke, and he acknowledged how hard Rosey has been working to find her sister Pearl, and other missing kids.

Thank you, Rosey, for having this event, and including other missing kids! We hope that all are found safe and soon! 💜

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For more information about Pearl Pinson, Rosey has created a Facebook group called “Pearl Team”. Here’s the link:

For more information about Larissa Oliver, here is the link to the Facebook group that has been created for her, “Where Is Larissa Oliver?” Here’s the link:

There is also a Facebook group for more information about Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore. Here is the link:

Link to Facebook post with videos from “Make It Shine” Event:

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