Remembrance for Homeless Man Who Died From Heat

Kathy Robinson is one of Richmond’s biggest advocates for our homeless residents. Last Saturday, it was so hot that a man who was homeless died near the corner of 23rd & Macdonald Ave.

Kathy posted this morning that she wanted to have a small remembrance memorial for him at noon today. We stopped by to bring some flowers, and she had a lovely memorial area set up where he had died.

THANK YOU, KATHY, for continually advocating for our homeless friends, and for bringing this our attention.

Below is part of Kathy’s Facebook post from when she discovered what had happened to the man: “I want to get your attention today, We as member of this city have BLOOD on our hands. I was coming back from my morning walk and I was a black homeless man dead on the streets right across from the Pals program on 23nd street. I had noticed him a few days ago sleeping next to his cart. But today was different, a police officer was standing close by him and there was police tape placed around where he we lying on the street. I realized that he was DEAd ! Then I remembered that YESTERDAY IT WAS OVER 100 DEGREES AND HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY SHELTER, WATER OR COOL CLOTHING TO PROTECT HIMSELF FROM THE CLIMATE CHANGE. We must be more aware of our homeless people and offer them water, a vises, hat or even a white t-shirt so they will survive during these times. No one should die along on the streets and no one notice them until it is to late!”