Richmond Street Angels was originally inspired by a homeless man with an adorable puppy, that we frequently saw in Richmond, CA. Here is our story of how began:

This adorable pup is Leisha-Lee, and she is the 10-week old pup that inspired us to start Richmond Street Angels in August of 2016. Many homeless people have pets, and we help them by providing pet food, collars and leashes. We also pass out food to the people, and help them with other needs and referrals.

She belonged to a homeless man in Richmond, CA, and was was living in his shopping cart with his belongings. We talked to him, and he was really friendly, but seemed a little confused. We asked if he needed anything for her. He did, so we brought him a leash, dog food, a toy for her and something to eat for him.

Then we asked if he wanted to find a home for Leisha-Lee, or if he wanted to keep her. He said that the streets were no place for a pup, and that it was okay find a home for her. He was so thankful that his pup might have a real home!

It took a few days, and we finally had a place all set for her, but then we couldn’t find him or Leisha-Lee! He wasn’t in his usual spot, so we asked around.

After a couple days, we found him, but he didn’t have the pup. He said something about taking her to Berkeley, then he said the pup was in her “spot”, but we weren’t sure what that meant.

At that point, we couldn’t really do anything else, except to hope for an unlikely miracle – that somehow Leisha-Lee would turn up, and we would find her.

Then, a couple days later, we saw him again when we were driving, and Leisha-Lee was in his shopping cart!

We immediately pulled over, greeted him and asked if he still wanted to find her a home. He did!

We took her to Milo Foundation in Point Richmond right away, hoping they could take her. We had brought her in to Milo to see if she was micro-chipped the previous week. She wasn’t. We also spoke to them about possibly taking her if we couldn’t find a home, so they were familiar with the situation.

We arrived at Milo, and they were able to take her right away!!! She is such a sweet little pup, and we were so happy to get her into Milo Foundation!

We went back and told the man that Leisha-Lee was going to have a real home soon, and he was very grateful!

The best part…she has been ADOPTED!