The students in the La Fuerza Club at Aspire Richmond Cal Prep School received several grants over the 2016-2017 school year, and they decided to use the grants to help our homeless residents in Richmond!
Angelina Zevallos, President of La Fuerza Club at Aspire Richmond Cal Prep School, contacted us to see if we could distribute food bags to our homeless neighbors, and we’re always happy to do that! Angelina and Ms. Gonzalez, Spanish Teacher at Aspire Richmond Cal Prep, helped their students assemble between 80 – 120 food bags each time to help our homeless residents.
The bags had bottled water, Capri Sun, chips or cookies, snack bars, and fruit snacks and a fruit cup inside. The students also wrote inspirational messages on the outside of the bags. We passed them out, and our homeless residents were very grateful to have something to eat and drink, and we also ran into two of our favorite pups while passing out the food bags – Gucci and Deuce!
Thank you to Angelina, Ms. Gonzalez and their students in La Fuerza Club, who all worked very hard on this! We’re looking forward to working with with them again in the future!

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